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Now that I’ve identified some of the best and worst adult dvds on the market, I thought it would be fun to talk about those adult studios who for whatever reason, have stopped making adult DVDs but still exist in some form, along with those who have effectively died and gone to porno-purgatory.

Our first entry for porn companies currently residing in the ‘where are they now? file’ once ruled adult DVDs, particularly in the couples/plot-driven genre, and later were the first to exploit celebrity sex tapes to the point that some B and C-list celebrities began to offer themselves up for them – Vivid Entertainment. Vivid is still listed in the top 20 selling adult movies of all time (#7 Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra, and #8 The New Devil in Miss Jones) but don’t think you’ll find any Vivid releases newer than 2014…when they stopped producing DVDs and moved all their content online. Based on what I’m seeing at their website, they’ve partnered with Adult Time, a subscription based pay site who’s own site failed to load at the time of this writing. An auspicious start. The Vivid website appears to be living off their enormous catalogue and rehashing the celebrity sex tapes they made a bundle off of in the early 2000’s. I guess there’s always going to be new ‘inquiring minds’ coming along who want to see Kim Kardashian pronged by Ray-J, but the site is ranked at 98,697 so not setting any traffic records. For perspective, Brazzers is at #5,031 and Pornhub is around #80. I suspected something was going on with Vivid when its owner Steve Hirsch appeared on a cheesy reality TV show about 10 years ago.


While Vivid still has a presence online (sorta), there are numerous studios that had significant success pre-internet, only to fade away faster than you can say ‘recurring billing’. Here’s some notables:


Dane Productions: Creators of some excellent college-coed content including lines like ‘University Coeds’, ‘Nineteen Video Magazine’, ‘Virgin Stories’ and ‘Oral Exams’, Dane’s days were numbered when their owner died about 9 years ago. Their DVDs are still cropping up online in retail sites that haven’t updated their inventory for a LONG time.

Zane Productions: Early home of director and all around scuzz-ball Max Hardcore, Zane put out nearly 500 movies with charming titles like ‘Filthy Fuckers’, ‘Coed Cocksuckers’, ‘Cherry Poppers’, and the sensitive, endearing coming-of-age tale, ‘Young, Dumb, and full of Cum’. Their last release was in 2004, and they tried a reboot of the company in 2007 but completely folded after 2 releases. You can find them at the same stores who still have Dane titles in stock.

Totally Tasteless Video: As the name implies, this was a niche studio if there ever was one. They specialized in hiring the most unattractive people they could find, or focusing on niche categories that at the time were pretty scandalous, but seem quaint by today’s wild internet porn landscape. Their top-selling lines were ‘Lactamania’, ‘Golden Oldies’, ‘Muffmania’, assorted peeing, and of course numerous titles featuring Midgets. The quality of this studio was never great, and they started losing customers at the onset of DVDs. Their videos are still around in the bargain bins of online retailers.

Sticky Video: I loved this studio back in the day because they had 2 lines that just sold like crazy: ‘Denni O’, a big titted MILF with a hankerin’ for sweaty gangbangs and dildos of unusual size, and later ‘The Amazing Ty’, a blonde trailer-trash momma who managed to make Denni O’s gigantic crotch toys look like pixie sticks by comparison. Once ‘The Amazing Ty’ convinced enough of us that her ass and vagina would happily engulf any foreign object up to and including standard traffic cones, she switched to putting full size vibrators up her urethra. Let’s just say the girl was way ahead of her time in the dildonic arts. It looks like they continued making movies up until 2019, but the real magic happened back in the mid 2000s with these two freaks of vaginal-anal nature and the several hundred movies they made.

Dirty Debutantes: This nearly perpetual series set the standard for what was optimistically called ‘pro-am’ (amateur talent shot professionally) and ruled the amateur porn scene for about a decade. The series was helmed by it’s producer/director/actor Ed Powers, a nerdy bespeckled geek who after a short interview with the ‘new talent’ would keep his long black socks on during sex. I guess everybody needs a schtick. While the premise got old after about the 10th edition, this didn’t stop Ed from beating this horse until it was well and truly dead with nearly 200 volumes. It inspired numerous copy-cats like porn regular Randy West’s ‘Up ‘n Cummers’, and New Sensations’ Video Virgins. Powers is still online hawking his over 700 titles of mostly him in his prime, interviewing and then boinking porn wanna-be’s from around the San Fernando Valley. Think of the biggest dweeb you went to high school with and then picture him paying random girls to have sex with him on camera. That’s Dirty Debutantes.

Pink Visual: This reality/amateur studio was very popular right up until everyone started stripping on their own websites. They produced over 500 movies featuring local girls from around Los Angeles’ porn valley (San Fernando Valley or…’the valley’). Their top selling lines included ‘Her 1st lesbian sex’, ‘Couples Seduce Teens’, ‘Gimme a Fucking Spring Break’ and ‘Teens for Cash’. They were competing with mega-studio Reality Kings for years, and it seems like RK won. It looks like they stopped producing content around 2013, but their catalogue of titles can be found on a poorly designed website that includes broken images and slow load times. They appear to be hanging by a thread at this stage. There are SO many others in the same boat…

When I started this piece I looked up as many defunct (or nearly so) studios as I could remember from my 21 years in adult movies. Fearing I was forgetting many, I started looking up adult movie databases online and it quickly became clear just HOW many studios have faded away like so much theatrical smoke at a porn shoot. All You Can Eat, the parent company of Adult DVD Hub is proud to be among the survivors in an industry that is never boring, is always competitive, and never fails to entertain…naked! Cheers!




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