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Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchased 1 or 2 DVDs without a case, they are shipped USPS letter rate with no tracking…so knowing precisely where they are is impossible. Because of inconsistencies with the post office, we ask that customers wait at least three weeks for the shipments to show up. Most will arrive much faster than that, but our experience on ebay has taught us that there are times when shipments can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Our tax dollars at work.

All shipments in the case and of 3 or more DVDs without a case are shipped USPS First Class Parcel Post or Priority Mail with tracking.  Most shipments via these methods arrive within a week, but occasionally can take up to 2 weeks. All shipments are shipped same day except on weekends…we don’t work weekends.

This was our business model on ebay, and we want our returning ebay customers to continue having this option. It is the least expensive way to buy an adult DVD from a top studio, and you can always pick up cases locally for next to nothing.

We will replace it if possible or refund your purchase. Most of the time we will not ask for the DVD to be returned if it is defective or broken. Damage during shipping is extremely rare, although DVDs shipped without a case can sustain some cosmetic scuffing from postal sorting machines. This rarely affects playback. If you prefer DVDs that are pristine and suitable for framing – purchase them in the case.

No. There’s actually a law against that. We purchase all DVDs directly from the studios and their authorized distributors. In many cases we’ve been dealing with the people who own these studios for decades. They are friends. The studios understand our business model and give us great deals as a result. Because our customers have the option to buy them without the case does not mean they are not ‘new’. They are simply new without a case.

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