Natural Beauties 7



Starring the always hot Ukrainian strumpet Elena Koshka.

Note: This DVD is from Vixen and director Greg Lansky. When it comes to modern porn, Lansky is ‘da man’. His titles rule new release wholesale, fly off the shelves of retails stores, and are being played the world over on cable. Even a jaded horndog such as myself has to admit that this guy has a way of tapping into the not-so-subconscious libidos of horny guys and creating immensely erotic movies. If you can watch any of these and NOT get a boner, you may not belong to the species Homo Sapien. Come to think of it, I bet even Neanderthals would find this stuff incredibly hot. Stunningly gorgeous girls, lush locations, chiseled studs packing substantial meat who hammer away with enviable stamina, and killer production quality all adds up to one extra-special good time. Pricey (by AYCE standards anyway) and worth every penny, check out Vixen. Brought to you by AYCE DVD for about the cost of a decent salami sandwich.

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